First World Problems

This week was supposed to be one of the best weeks of my young life. I was meant to go to Wrigley Field and witness my boys clinch the NL Central. I was supposed to get my invite to the North American World Championship Qualifier at UDS today. Then on Wednesday, I was expected to see Green Day. What a fantastic week that would’ve been!

Of course, none of that is going to happen. The Cubs ended up giving the win away to the Brewers, and there was no party in Wrigleyville. Until the Cardinals lost about an hour later, but I was already gone. The Cubs ended up celebrating the next day. Would’ve been nice to see but whatever.

Today I woke up very excited to attend UDS. I’ve been dying to play yugioh since the last time I played was regional and I didn’t get to finish the event, even though I was on a roll. Darn you adult responsibilities! After getting ready for the event, I had trouble finding my bus card. I saw it a couple of days ago, and I couldn’t find it. I spent 20 minutes trying to look for it but decided to buy a new one.

After a short adventure downtown Chicago, I arrived at the venue. I quickly went to register for the regional qualifier. I went to write out my decklist, and some random asked for trades. I told him I would trade him later and he sat down and watched me fill out my decklist which I hate when people do that.Turns out this man was my opponent, and he knew exactly what I was playing and what cards I was siding. How fucking fair.

Of course, I lost and lost 2 other regional qualifiers round 1 because I suck. The biggest blow of the day came while I was using the bathroom listening to Peacemaker by Green Day. Song pumped me up to see Green Day! I got on Facebook, and the news broke that Green Day would postpone some dates on their tour.

My heart shattered. The thing I was looking forward to the most was done. My Green Day obsession came back, and that was incredible. We were so close to seeing our boys and boom it gets taken away. I had changed my exam days and requested the day off of work. I did so much for that day for nothing. Hope the guys feel better

The highlight of my week was giving a little kid a yugioh card, and she got so happy! So I guess today wasn’t so bad since I made someone happy.



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