My 2015:Part 4


As a life-long baseball fan, October to me meant is time for the postseason! This year was more exciting than usual because the Chicago Cubs were in the playoffs. I was so convinced that this year was going to be the year they would finally win. They made it to the NLCS and were swept by the New York Mets. I was heartbroken for about 5 minutes then realized I needed to stop crying because the Cubs have a young great team and they’ll be back next season!


November is the month I was afraid of the most after my first semester of college. I had an essay due for 4 classes and tons of work to do for my math class. So during Thanksgiving Break of 2014, I stayed up till 4 am every night doing math problems, typing essays, and spending time with my family. By far the worst week, I ever had in my academic career.

Flash forward to 2015, Thanksgiving Break arrived and I had one essay to do. It made me realize this college thing isn’t as bad as people say. I could easily do all the assignments over the long break.

For Thanksgiving, I celebrated with my family. We spent the night at my house watching football and I was shopping online. Unfortunately we did not eat any turkey but we did eat Tostadas and Pozole.

My job also ended in November. Still haven’t been able to find another job but I will get my old job in the future.


December I spent the entire month applying for jobs and playing yugioh. I was trying to save up enough money so I could afford to make the trip to Atlanta for YCS Atlanta in February. I unfortunately was unable to that.

For Christmas, I spent the day with my family at my house. I got 2 pairs of Converse, headphones, 4 pairs of jeans, and 3 shirts.

New’s Years Eve I spent the day at my uncle’s house they partied hard. I’m not much of a party guy so I sat in a corner drinking Pepsi eating a box of Pizza.


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