My 2015: Part 3


A notable event that happened in July  was seeing Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour in Chicago. I arrived there at 1 pm because that is the time the Chicago Swiftie Squad was supposed to meet up. I did not meet up with them because I was too shy to say hello. I did end up joining them when they sang a couple of songs in the rain. After waiting for about 5 hours eating nothing but Starburst, it was time to go inside. I never heard any of the opening acts before that night. Yes, I know, I live under a rock. All of the opening acts were pretty good. Shawn Mendes was the best out of all 3 opening acts. After HAIM was finished with their set it was time for T-Swizzle.

She played almost the entire 1989 album and played some songs from Fearless and RED. The special guest for that show was Andy Grammer and they performed his hit song “Honey I’m Good.” I was completely blown away by Taylor’s performance and how she was able to have the crowd in the palm of her hand. The slide show below are the few good shots I was able to take of that night.

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Nothing really interesting happened during the month of July other than getting banned on my favorite site. QiWenuF


My August much like my entire 2015 was dominated by me watching my favorite baseball team the Chicago Cubs! I even got to attend another Cubs game on August 31st. My university offered Cubs tickets for $10 and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse!  This game was extremely hard to watch. The Cubs lost 13-6 allowing 6 runs in the top of the 9th. I still had fun watching the Cubs play and spending time with my girlfriend at Wrigley. Getting lost at Wrigleyville was interesting as well. August also meant going back to school I took 4 classes during the Fall 2015 semester.

That night while I was going home I missed the last bus to my house. I waited for 30 minutes for a bus to come by and nothing. I went inside a CVS to ask for the time since I did not have a working cell phone. The employee told me it was midnight and no more buses would be running. I walked back to school prepared to find a place to sleep outside. As I was I walking to school some lady pulled over and asked if I was lost. I explained to her I was only looking for a way back home. She let me use her phone and I called my mother to come pick me up. I’m so grateful that she pulled over.

August also meant going back to school I took 4 classes during the Fall 2015 semester.


On September 19th, I went to my 3rd Cubs game of the year! I sat pretty close to the Cubs bullpen and even had a short conversation with Justin Grimm. I finally got to see the Cubs win and it was my first Cubs-Cardinals game I attended. The game ended with this amazing play by Cubs shortstop Addison Russell.


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