My 2015: Part 2


On April 7th while hanging out with friends at school, I received an e-mail that offered me a job! I was so pumped considering how bad my job interview went last month.I still hate the Big Bang Theory! It was my first job since in three years. I was excited to finally be getting money again. Oscar the student caller.

On April 11th, I attended my first YCS event. My uncle drove us out to the convention center in Rosemont Illinois. I was excited yet nervous to be playing with some of the best players from North America. I played yugioh for many hours just to prepare for this event. I was ready! The day didn’t go exactly how I envisioned it. I ended 6-3 after day 1 and was one point away from reaching my goal of making it to day 2. I had no chance to top the tournament in round 7 against a Burning Abyss player who previous went to the World Championship. I won game 1 and lost game 2 and 3 when he flipped Torrential Tribute to put him back in the game. After playing cautiously all day, I let my aggressiveness beat me.

Other than not doing so well in the tournament I had tons of fun! I met Korey McDuffie, Starstrike Duelist, Patrick Hoban and other well-known players in the community. I also got to hang out with my friends Aaron, Ahmad, Mohammed, N’Yasha, and my little brother.

April 17th was a pretty eventful day. I was pumped because Kris Bryant was going to make his debut for the Chicago Cubs. There was so much hype because of this and made Cubs fans happy seeing him in the big leagues. Unfourtunalty he went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts striking out in his first 3 at-bats.

I skipped class so I could watch Kris Bryant play. When class was over my classmate Liz told me what happened in class, and she watched the Cubs game with me. She didn’t understand much about baseball so I tried to explain the best I could. I thought it was cool she would watch the Cubs with me. I had to leave while the game was on so I could go to training for work.

After work, I went back to school to hang out with Liz. I told her I would go attend a flute concert with her. While we waited for the concert to begin we watched movies. After a while, I realized she was cool. I always thought she was cute and I previously asked her on a date before so I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and she agreed. We didn’t go to the flute concert, but we did hang out with friends at a video game tournament at school. The night ended with her mom giving me a ride home.


May to me meant the end of my second semester of college. I passed all of my classes. I was ready for summer break so I could catch up on all the sleep I didn’t get during the semester.

I attended my first Cubs game of the 2015 season on May 27th. The Cubs vs Nationals. I watched Max Scherzer go head-to-head with Jon Lester and have a strikeout fest. Unfortunately, the Cubs lost 3-0, but I did enjoy my time at Wrigley. Bryce Harper was signing autographs in my section and I regret not walking up to say hello that day.



Nothing really happened during the month of June. I was extremely stressed out at this time. My job ended and I was moving at the end of the month. It was depressing moving into a new a home after living in the same house for the last 16 years.


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