My 2015: Part 1

Just like every year, 2015 had its ups and downs. It was a year that had many memories and I like to share those memories with everyone! So this will be part 1 out of 4 highlighting my exciting 2015! This will cover January through March from the best of my memory. Warning this post may or may not be a long post.


The first event I can think of happened on January 4th. It was a yugioh regional that I attended and the first I played in since October. I played an Anti-Meta deck with Fire Hand and Ice Hand sided for the Qliphort matchup since it was my worst matchup for my deck. My friends Ahmad, Aaron and Mohammed tagged along. Sadly they didn’t join.

I believe my first round was a guy from my local and I beat him 2-0 with game 2 ending with me having a field of Banisher of the RadianceKaiser Colosseum, and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. I just continued to attack his set Shaddoll monster and do direct attacks with Banisher until I won the game.

I started the event well just like the last event, but as the rounds went on I got extremely hungry and sleepy. I was unable to sleep the night before because I was excited to be playing again and one of the first competitive tournament where Snatch Steal was legal. I shouldn’t be making excuses by I do believe that is the reason why I failed to earn my invite that day because of lack of sleep. After round 6 I was not in the mood to play and quit after losing rounds 6 and 7. I played the top 3 decks that day every round.

Another important event was beginning my second semester of college. I was excited to get back to school and continue my studies after an exciting and successful first semester! I took 5 classes that semester: Math 099, Works of Mercy, Guitar 1, Environmental Science, and Philosophy 140.


To kick off February, there was a yugioh regional scheduled on the first, the same day as the Super Bowl. The weather on this day was horrible! There was snow everywhere and it made it difficult for my friend Aaron to drive. After picking up the rest of the squad, we went drove to Tinley Park and got some breakfast at Burger King.


It was finally time for the event, I was playing Masked HEROs from the new structure deck that was released a couple days before. This regional was different than the last two because I started off bad and then played amazing the other rounds. I lost my first two rounds losing to the guy that won the regional in round 1, but I won the next four rounds. There I was one win away from earning my invite and my last round opponent is my friend Aaron.


I took a heartbreaking defeat that day and fell one win short of earning my invite to the North American World Championship Qualifier. I don’t remember what happened, but I do remember the second game I had a bad hand then when I was able to make a play I was met with Torrential Tribute. Once again, I lost to Burning Abyss in round 7. Other than getting my heartbroken the event was tons of fun!

We headed back home in the snow. I was more concerned about the score of the Super Bowl than I was about out safety. My friend Aaron finally dropped me off I got out of the car and was buried in snow. It was a workout to get back to my house. I made it back just before halftime and enjoyed watching a Patriots victory the rest of the night! Katy Perry was weird and the commercials were average, but the game was exciting to watch!

Can’t remember anything else that I did in February other than being followed home by a creep and outsmarting him. I lost my laser pointer while I was running home so I couldn’t mess with people in class anymore. The next day I got sick and was sick for an entire week. I also got harassed and reported for harassment on Twitter for calling out a racist. Also came in 3rd in a yugioh tournament, first time ever topping the local tournament.



I turned 19 on March 4th. I woke up and my mom got me some cupcakes! It was a great way to start my morning! Unfortunately, I still had to go to school and take a quiz. I also had a test due at midnight that I had to work on with a partner. My partner sent me the information and hour before it was due.

March wasn’t a very interesting month. I do remember 3 kids stole a yugioh card from me while we were making a trade. It’s funny because I was going to give them the card until I seen him take it and out it in his pocket. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure if it was my card. We finished the deal and I quickly searched my binder. While I was searching one of the kids asked, “What are you looking for?” That’s when I knew they took something. They took the card they wanted to get in a trade from me.

I went back to my table of friends and told them what had happened. They all told me I should go and get my card back. So I went and waited until they were done trading with some other guys. Luckily, they were all seated in a corner so they couldn’t leave. After they were done I made my move and asked for my stuff back. One guy said,”I’m sorry that happened, so you can have mine that I just bought.” He pulled out a card with the same exact sleeve and gave it back to me. I never did see those kids again, but I did tell them to never steal again.

March 30th I believe I went to a job interview at school to be a student caller. I was feeling confident until the supervisor asked us to write down a song, movie, and TV show we hate. For TV show, I wrote The Big Bang Theory because that show annoys me so much. Unfortunately, I was asked to convince people to watch The Big Bang Theory. My first response was “I can tell you why I shouldn’t watch it!” and that’s when I knew I was getting the job. I tried my best to explain why it was a good show. I left the interview very disappointed knowing I failed.

This wraps up the first part of my exciting 2015 adventures!


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